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Status: REJECTED (Lacks raid experience)
Submitted on: Jul 30, 2020 at 11:57 PM
Preferred mode of contact

Discord DM

Battle tag and/or Discord username

Battle tag - rowlsie#1890 | Discord - mitchvvs#1812

Race and Class
Night Elf Monk

Character Information

Applying Spec and equipped ilvl

Mistweaver, 476 equipped

Are you happy to respec and play to other specs if needed?


What is your offspec? Can you play it? How good is your offspec gear?

Windwalker OS - truthfully my ww set is pretty subpar as the only time I play the spec is when I have to do dailies/world quests

Azerite Neck level


How much corruption resistance does your Cloak have?


/Played time on your character

48.5 days

Personal Information

Your name




Where are you located?


Why do you wish to join Vitare?

I wish to join Vitare because in the description of the guild on the oceanic guild recruitment forums, a duality between playing the game for fun whilst also being accountable for your performance was expressed as a quality of the raiders. Moving into shadowlands, I would love to be apart of a team which makes noticeable progression while also not spiralling into toxicity as a result of constant wipes; a team who don't take themselves too seriously, with raiders who are able to accept criticism and hold accountability for their mistakes, and then be able to chill on discord later in the evening and crack a few jokes in some mythic+/arenas.

Describe your internet connection and computer (inc net speed & download limit)

100 down, 50 up; my PC has no performance issues inside/outside of raid

Can you afford game-time each month with no hassle? (Serious question)


Do you have Discord installed, a working microphone and a set of headphones?


Are you comfortable talking during raids?


Raiding Information

Can you make all our raid nights? Currently we raid Wed/Thurs/Sun 8pm-11pm Server Time. (If no, please explain)

Yes! All of my classes for the upcoming semester end at least an hour prior to raid star, and I have no desire to take night classes at any point throughout the rest of my degree.

If coming late or unable to attend a raid night, do you agree to communicate this to the Officers through the forums/Discord?


During raid, is it likely that you may need to go afk for dinner for any reason? (Please note: we usually have a 5 min break around 9:30pm ST)

I make meals for myself, so I will always be able to eat before, or after, raid

Previous Guilds/Current Guild (include duration and reason for leaving/desire to leave):

The guild that I am currently in (Kapua) imploded after roughly 4 weeks of mythic raiding; since then I have been checking the oceanic guild recruitment page on the WoW forums and the frostmourne guild page on wowprogress. The raid leader/guild master was an avid rager and made the environment of the discord call very negative, stifling any kind of communication between pull - this can be verified by any members of the team that I raided with in this guild.

Please detail your relevant Mythic raiding experience including BFA and prior expansions:

Prior to returning to the game in 8.3, I have only ever been an arena player, achieving 2400-2600 in 3s on multiple healers and dps specs. I have no mythic raiding experience outside of the current tier; with the guild I am currently in (which ceased raid nights last week) I have only achieved 4/12 mythic. I learnt alot throughout the short time that I have raided so far this tier, the three most important skills being 1) focusing on mechanics/survival, 2) healing priority targets over padding the healing meters, and 3) the efficient use of healing downtime to assist with dpsing the boss in progression raiding. I would love to have the chance to show off the skills/strategies I have learnt so far in the pursuit of being an excellent raid healer/member of a cohesive raid team!

Do you come prepared with raid consumables?


Other Information

How did you hear about us?

Played with some guild members in mythic+ pugs, but I found out about your recruitment through the oceanic guild recruitment forum

Link to a screenshot of your Raid UI:
Vitare guild sponsors (if any):

Which word best describes you?


Please give detailed, made up reasons:

i'm gonna be honest i sat here for 10 minutes and couldn't think of a single quirky thing to say LMAO

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Although my lack of mythic raiding experience prior to the current tier is a serious flaw and admittedly adds risk to accepting me as a trial raider, I'd like to highlight my arena experience as an indicator of good awareness and ability to make decisions on the fly. I am extremely dedicated to becoming the best raid healer and team member possible; I returned to the game roughly 3-4 months ago and have gone from questing greens/blues to maximum cloak resistance with solid corruption choices and rank 3 essences! I am also (almost) 3k mythic+ io as mistweaver, but I don't think that's the greatest indicator of ability to perform in raids lmao

I am more than willing to switch healer specs for shadowlands if required by the guild (mistweaver seems to be pretty bottom tier in raids based on the lack of guilds looking for players of my spec, and is mediocre in m+). I have high arena experience with both discipline priest and resto shaman in BFA (2400 and 2600 respectively) however no mythic raiding experience on either of the specs.

Appreciate you taking the time to read my application!!


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Hey Wizone, thanks for putting in an app. Unfortunately we are looking for a healer with a bit more mythic raiding experience. Good luck with your search for a guild! :)
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