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Status: REJECTED (Not recruiting)
Submitted on: Jul 30, 2020 at 10:39 PM
Preferred mode of contact

Blizzard chat

Battle tag and/or Discord username


Race and Class
Night Elf Priest

Character Information

Applying Spec and equipped ilvl

Shadow/disc.. most likely going disc in shadowlands 477

Are you happy to respec and play to other specs if needed?


What is your offspec? Can you play it? How good is your offspec gear?

disc priest, yes mained it for few expac's 477

Azerite Neck level


How much corruption resistance does your Cloak have?


/Played time on your character

106 days 4 hours 59 mins 58 secs

Personal Information

Your name

Thomas Rudd



Where are you located?


Why do you wish to join Vitare?

I want to join a guild that will put in as much effort to a raid that I do.. going into prog bosses with the best knowledge of the fight and my job in that fight.

also just a fun environment outside of raid. people to push keys, bg's and just play wow with in general.

I'm currently in "betrayal" and they are a good guild but I find myself just a step ahead and wanting to be with a guild that makes me want to push myself to be better to help the guild out more and myself.

Describe your internet connection and computer (inc net speed & download limit)

Good and stable. very stable and self build PC(8700k & 2080s)

Can you afford game-time each month with no hassle? (Serious question)


Do you have Discord installed, a working microphone and a set of headphones?


Are you comfortable talking during raids?


Raiding Information

Can you make all our raid nights? Currently we raid Wed/Thurs/Sun 8pm-11pm Server Time. (If no, please explain)

I can make all nights. just ever second Sunday I may have to drop early as have work at 4 in the morning the following day. when daylight savings comes into play I guess you guys raid 7-10pm and that wont be a issue. during prog bosses and we are close to a kill I will stay until the end of the night.

If coming late or unable to attend a raid night, do you agree to communicate this to the Officers through the forums/Discord?


During raid, is it likely that you may need to go afk for dinner for any reason? (Please note: we usually have a 5 min break around 9:30pm ST)

no should be all good.

Previous Guilds/Current Guild (include duration and reason for leaving/desire to leave):

Paradigm shift in Legion we got to 8/9M joined them late and that's where I started my Mythic raiding as Resto shaman. guild ended up dying and we sort of joined Helix and got CE in ToS. during ATBT I only did about half the raid as took a break (moving town's) wasn't until BFA came out and BoD was out that I moved again to were I am now (real life) that I joined Nazgul as disc priest.. I was with them until jaina when a work mate had massive scar and my hours at work went stupid 15 hours a day. came back and joined a heroic guild just for some fun until I got back into it and keen to push.. found Betrayal which is where I am now. But I just don't feel welcome here anymore my import to issues on prog is overlooked and week later they say what I said the week before. I also want to join a guild that's going to put the time into raiding and getting ready for a prog boss like I do.

Please detail your relevant Mythic raiding experience including BFA and prior expansions:

11/12M atm progging nzoth
8/9 BoD was a week off killing jaina just real life came first
9/12 Antous
8/9 nighthold

Do you come prepared with raid consumables?


Other Information

How did you hear about us?

I've been doing some keys with a monk whos raid with you as boomie kelboom

Vitare guild sponsors (if any):

I know kelboom

Which word best describes you?


Please give detailed, made up reasons:

just means im pretty chill and love a good laugh. i can talk in butcher talk to kill people shit :) and always rock with my cock out

Is there anything else you would like to add?

well ive said im going to most likely go disc for shadowlands as shadow is never that good... i love playing both so i keep them up to date..

i have a mate Yonix and sneekydh that are applying as well.


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Hey Polswag, good app. Unfortunately we can't accommodate a spot for all 3 of you. Best of luck finding a guild for SL :)
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