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Submitted on: Jul 02, 2020 at 02:07 PM
Preferred mode of contact

Discord DM

Battle tag and/or Discord username


Race and Class
Pandaren Monk

Character Information

Applying Spec and equipped ilvl


Are you happy to respec and play to other specs if needed?


What is your offspec? Can you play it? How good is your offspec gear?

Brewmaster, I can play it pretty well in raid(I don't know all the pulls and whatnot for dungeons as a tank) and it's unless slightly lower gear than my mistweaver

Azerite Neck level


How much corruption resistance does your Cloak have?


/Played time on your character

146 days.

Personal Information

Your name

I don't want to give out my real name sorry



Where are you located?

New South Wales

Why do you wish to join Vitare?

I am looking for a fun guild to progress with bosses with at a good speed and I feel you guys would be

Describe your internet connection and computer (inc net speed & download limit)

Pretty quick, the highest we can get currently

Can you afford game-time each month with no hassle? (Serious question)


Do you have Discord installed, a working microphone and a set of headphones?


Are you comfortable talking during raids?


Raiding Information

Can you make all our raid nights? Currently we raid Wed/Thurs/Sun 8pm-11pm Server Time. (If no, please explain)


If coming late or unable to attend a raid night, do you agree to communicate this to the Officers through the forums/Discord?


During raid, is it likely that you may need to go afk for dinner for any reason? (Please note: we usually have a 5 min break around 9:30pm ST)


Previous Guilds/Current Guild (include duration and reason for leaving/desire to leave):

Monkey Business: had imploded during azshara prog
Medium: I unfortunately didn't pass trial because it didn't work out due to class and spec problems, Mistweaver wasn't better than other options for an example.
The GM of Medium, Niles would be willing to talk with you if you'd like

Please detail your relevant Mythic raiding experience including BFA and prior expansions:

9/9 M Uldir
8/8 M BoD
0/2 Crucible
7/12 M Nyalotha

Do you come prepared with raid consumables?


Other Information

How did you hear about us?

I heard about your

Vitare guild sponsors (if any):

Which word best describes you?


Please give detailed, made up reasons:

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I had gone for a decent break from the game roughly after my time from medium so my cape and corruptions are decently behind.

And I can play other classes like Paladins, or Shaman's for the later fights or fights that don't favour mistweaver


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Hi Onyo, cheers for the app. Looks like you've picked a rough time to rejoin the game, your logs back in the day were good but it seems your char is too far behind in regards to corruption and your cloak level to catch up to us. Thanks and good luck.
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