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Submitted on: Jun 26, 2020 at 01:50 AM
Preferred mode of contact

Blizzard chat, Discord DM

Battle tag and/or Discord username

BTag: Meg#1136 - Discord: Meg#0033

Race and Class
Night Elf Druid

Character Information

Applying Spec and equipped ilvl

Resto/Balance OS - 477 Resto Equipped, 478 Balance Equipped

Are you happy to respec and play to other specs if needed?


What is your offspec? Can you play it? How good is your offspec gear?

I consider Balance to be my offspec, however have been playing it as mainspec for most of BFA as a request from my previous guild. I can play it at a decent level, have done all of my mythic BFA progression as Balance and have M+15-19 experience as dps. I have currently been gearing towards balance for most of the expansion but am now shifting focus to more healing pieces.

Azerite Neck level

93 (almost 94)

How much corruption resistance does your Cloak have?

Will be 92 as soon as I do my vision this week

/Played time on your character

Total: 651 days, This level: 61 days (yikes)

Personal Information

Your name




Where are you located?

Melbourne, Australia

Why do you wish to join Vitare?

I am aware of Vitare from back in the day as I played on Barthilas for an expansion and saw you guys around. I'm aware of the reputation for being a solid and long-standing guild and recently have come into contact with some people from the guild via a M+ community I am apart of. Based on my interactions with them, reading the information about the guild and my own experience with Vitare it seems like a great community that would suit what I'm looking for in a long-term raiding guild.

Describe your internet connection and computer (inc net speed & download limit)

PC definitely needs an upgrade but is capable of running WoW at near max settings. Rarely DC or have technical issues unless it is server side. Internet is NBN (>45MBs DOWN/>15MBs UP, unlimited)

Can you afford game-time each month with no hassle? (Serious question)


Do you have Discord installed, a working microphone and a set of headphones?


Are you comfortable talking during raids?


Raiding Information

Can you make all our raid nights? Currently we raid Wed/Thurs/Sun 8pm-11pm Server Time. (If no, please explain)


If coming late or unable to attend a raid night, do you agree to communicate this to the Officers through the forums/Discord?


During raid, is it likely that you may need to go afk for dinner for any reason? (Please note: we usually have a 5 min break around 9:30pm ST)


Previous Guilds/Current Guild (include duration and reason for leaving/desire to leave):

I have been playing since Vanilla and have been raiding in CE guilds almost exclusively for all that time. During Legion I was in a couple guilds that fell victim to the burnout and/or officer exodus virus resulting in having to shift a couple of times until I found Chaotic Serenity which I stayed in for around 2 years and into BFA prog through Uldir until the start of BOD.

After CS informed me I was no longer needed for the raid team I had a bit of a hard time enjoying the game. I joined No Dice initially but thought the 2 night schedule wasn't going to cut it for me (despite them being great people) and left to join Hodor. Hodor ultimately sat me (as a trial) for Mythic Jaina prog for 5+ weeks and during that time I lost complete interest in the game so took around a 6 month hiatus until I decided to come back for 8.3. (Just want to add that taking a break at all, let alone this long is rare for me, just wasn't enjoying BFA at all).

When I came back I joined Ominous which has some IRL friends in it and had been helping them do some mythic progress to make up numbers for the last couple of months until they decided to stop raiding around April. Now I'm just looking to get back into raiding and find a long-term home for Shadowlands and beyond.

Please detail your relevant Mythic raiding experience including BFA and prior expansions:

As I said previously I have been in CE raiding guilds for a long time. I won't tell you my whole life story but apart from a couple of tiers during MOP and BFA content I have cleared all the hardest raiding content the game has to offer before major nerfs or end of tier.

For BFA I cleared Mythic Uldir and progressed up to Mythic Mekkatorque while current before taking a break. Since returning I have cleared some bosses in EP and all of Heroic Nyalotha and up to 5/12 Mythic.

I understand you guys have cleared Nyalotha now and my progress here is lacking but hoping my previous experience speaks for itself.

Do you come prepared with raid consumables?


Other Information

How did you hear about us?

Known the guild for a while, reintroduced to it from meeting Ayrya and Kelboom via M+ community

Link to a screenshot of your Raid UI: (Raid frames are the same just bigger and obviously would have boss timers)

Vitare guild sponsors (if any):

Which word best describes you?


Please give detailed, made up reasons:

Pretty emo I guess Sadge

Is there anything else you would like to add?

This application is a bit awkward because currently I've been gearing and progressing most of this expansion as Balance but I really want to get back into healing as it's been my main spec for all expansions apart from this one and I enjoy it the most. So, unfortunately most of my gear is dps focused and my logs are also as dps spec, however I'd be happy to pug a heroic raid or something this week and log it if you need to see that.

My corruptions are not optimized as I'm trying to split my Echoes across both dps and healing specs and want to wait for a few better pieces and until I get a few more corruptions from the vendor before I swap my gear over. I have some Expedients sitting in the bank and currently farming for Severes and others now. Also, full disclosure the entire corruption system in general shits me to tears and I can't wait until its gone :)

My reasoning for swapping to DPS this expansion was at the request of No Dice who wanted a flex DPS and then Hodor right after didn't have room for another healer so I stayed DPS for them. It just seemed easier to continue this for the rest of the expansion while I wasn't raiding. However, I've played exclusively Restoration Druid for all previous tiers with the exception of 2 tiers during WOD where I played my hunter alt, and BFA (obviously), and am fully prepared to swap specs going forward. Lately since not raiding I've been putting most of my effort into doing M+ keys (mostly as resto) and pushing my IO score up so I can get more resto pieces and echoes to flesh out my gear.

Ideally I'm looking for a long-term guild to go into Shadowlands and hopefully stay. I hate swapping guilds and raiding and making friends in my guild is the best part of the game for me so finding a guild that shares a similar attitude is my goal. I've got a team mentality when it comes to raiding and have no issues sitting or swapping specs/talents/gear for the benefit of the guild/raid.

Let me know if theres anything I didn't address here, I took too long writing this the first time and it deleted it lol. Hope this wasn't too wall of texty.

Thanks :)


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Hey Seyllana, thank you for your app, it was a better read than most 😆. Unfortunately, we're not looking at forming our Shadowlands team just yet but are focusing on N'Zoth reclears and recruitment for our current team. Good luck in your guild search.
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