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Vitare Raiding

Our guild’s raiding objective is to progress through the Legion Mythic content without spending more than 9 hours per week on raids.

Vitare currently raids Mythic, 3 nights a week: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8pm – 11pm Server Time. If you are keen to join our raiding team, you can fill out a new application.

Raider Rank

Raiders contribute and participate weekly in guild raids. To retain this rank, raiders are expected to:

  • Have consistent raid attendance
  • Be online 15 minutes before raid and ready to go
  • Be available for the entire raid time
  • Mechanics first mindset
  • Attempt to make friends with guildies
  • Frequently visit and participate on the guild forums
  • Keep their loot thread updated
  • Communicate to the guild officers via the forums of any absences
  • Notify officers ingame or through the guild website if unable to be on time
Raiders are expected to attend all raids when available. If a raider is available online and chooses not to raid then they are showing an obvious disinterest in raiding. This severe lack of team spirit may result in a demotion or removal from the guild.

Raider Responsibility

  • Research boss encounters and read all forum boss strategies
  • Watching progression boss videos
  • Enchanting and gemming gear
  • Farming all consumables (flasks, pots, augment runes)
  • Be prepared to change talents depending on the encounter
  • Be online on time for raid
Benefits of Raider Rank

  • Being in one of the top Frostmourne raiding guilds
  • Make some really chill life-long friends
  • Obtain current Meta raid achievements
  • The guild will cover repairs during raid time
  • Consumables may be provided during raids
  • Access to plentiful raider tabs in the guild bank
  • Epic crafted gear for raider upgrades
  • BOE epics, items and recipes from the guild bank at less of the price on the Auction House
Losing Raider Rank

The Officers will remove you from raider rank if:

  • Your attendance drops below average with no explanation
  • You aggressively abuse fellow raiders
  • You behave selfishly and not for the guild as a whole
  • Your performance is consistently below standard
  • You don't make any effort to enhance your gear through enchants, gems and crafted items
  • You have an awful attitude as that is not what our guild represents
Trial Rank

Approved Raider apps will join the guild as a Trial Raider. This trial period is around 2-4 weeks. It is the responsibility of the Officers to ensure that trial raiders are given sufficient opportunity to prove their worth.

Please note that as a Trial, you may not be required for some boss fights and you may have to sit out. For example, Mythic progression bosses may require raiders with a higher gear level; or raiders familiar with the fights, with experience and have a number of attempts under their belt. There are other instances where encounters are more unsuited to your class and the Officers may decide that a raid group composition prefers an existing raider over you.

During this trial period these players will not be eligible to receive loot against raiders, but are eligible against a raider's offspec. Although, we will try to loot train you as much as possible if you need it.

This rank requires skill, patience, a good attitude and the ability to play in a team. Displaying these aspects will reflect positively to your character. These attributes are sought after during your trial and they will all contribute to your promotion or demotion.