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Shadowlands Leveling Competition

CompetitionTo celebrate the release of Shadowlands, we’ve got some awesome prizes in store for our guild members! 🏆🥇 If you're the 1st guildie to reach level 60, you will win:- Bragging rights- A WoW game time token! - Free guild repairs for a mon...
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Happy 9.0.1 Pre-Patch Day!

Happy pre-patch day everyone!As Battle for Azeroth nears to its end, we close the doors to an era and we welcome the changes of the Shadowlands pre-patch. Coming back with 6 weeks off raiding too - something never before seen in Vitare.Goodbye Cor...
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Guild News (Public)

Glory of the Ny'alotha Raider

Better late than never, we got our [Glory of the Ny'alotha Raider] over a month ago!
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Guild News (Public)

This is the End'Zoth

Mythic N'Zoth the Corruptor 10/06/2020Obviously as nerds, we've had it pretty good these days in our natural element in lockdown. Luckily we've all had this game, each other and other online escapes to turn to (and kill time).Shout out to all our ...
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Rest in Carapace

Mythic Carapace of N'Zoth 03/05/2020Over a month delayed post but deserving of it's own because this boss took up 11 hrs 25 mins of our precious time over 97 wipes. Well done all, it was a very satisfying and clean kill.
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Guild News (Public)

Il'gynothing to See Here

Mythic Il'gynoth 12/04/2020
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Drest for Success

Mythic Drest'agath 02/04/2020Bad pun compilation:The drest of us ~Lockatmenow, 2020Be our drest ~Branndahr, 2020This might be met with some Void Glares, but those puns were just pure 100 Agony. Not even worth Ten Tickles. Eye don't mean to Entropi...
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Guild News (Public)


Mythic Ra-den 19/03/2020Ra-ra-ah-ah-ahRoma-roma-maGaga, ooh la-laWant your bad romance~Edan, 2020
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Guild News (Public)

To the Balcony!!! To the Stairs!

Mythic Vexiona 12/03/2020Here's my killshot pun for your pleasure (as long as you read this with the Get Low chorus in mind): he grip, then he smashDodge it, dodge it, dodge it, make sure you dashDis...
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Guild News (Public)

Get a Kick out of This

Mythic Dark Inquisitor Xanesh 05/03/2020Vitare Football Club is squad goals (we are currently looking for sponsors).This match was practically fixed with a good warm up with Coach Razzii last week and we had teammates warming the bench, cheering u...
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Guild News (Public)

No Fluffs Given

Mythic Shad'har 26/02/2020
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Guild News (Public)

They See Me Rollin', They Hatin'

Mythic The Hivemind 23/02/2020
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3/12M Ny'a!

Mythic Maut 06/02/2020What'sa mana, Moot?Mythic The Prophet Skitra 02/02/2020Vitare is a non-prophet organisationMythic Wrathion 02/02/2020Extinguishing bushfires; one dragon at a time
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Guild News (Public)

Merry Christmas 2019

A very belated (please forgive me) Merry Christmas for 2019 and a Happy New Year from all of us at Vitare ❤️2020 is going to be massive!
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Guild News (Public)

7/8M EP - Too Za'qul for School!

Mythic Za'qul 06/11/2019Bad Pun Compilation (what even):What's cooler than being cool? Za'qul~Razzii, 2019Tentacool, Tentacruel, Za'qul;Vitare used wipe 303 times, it's super effective!Za'qul hurt itself in its confusionLet me show you my Pokemans...
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Guild News (Public)

6/8M EP!

Apologies everyone for the delay in our kill shots (and the preceding kills themselves 😅).Lots of love to our current raid team 🔥 Thanks for the entertainment and for overcoming the allure of playing Classic full-time as a lot of other guilds seem...
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Guild News (Public)

3/8M EP!

Mythic Blackwater Behemoth 25/07/2019We had an eely good time.~ Soothfancy, 2019On Monday, we floundered around and didn't krill the boss. I was so crabby but salmon else told me to clam down, scale it back and after some time to mullet over we re...
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Guild News (Public)

Snow Worries

Realm 26 and World 846 Jaina!! Thank you everyone for pushing as much as you did. We didn't pull our hairs out on Jaina as much as we did with G'huun and even though it was pretty stress free, there were times on the boat when I thought it was goi...
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Guild News (Public)

She Steps Sea Storms by the Sea Swells

Mythic Stormwall Blockade 07/04/2019Bad Pun Compilation:She steps sea storms by the sea swells~ Branndahr, 2019Swell, we have hit the Stormwall and kept on going; we heard the Siren's call. We thought we would be Blockaded but when we earned the I...
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Guild News (Public)

We're Mekkan Headlines

Mythic High Tinker Mekkatorque 28/03/2019It was occasionally an ENORMOUS challenge, and required much torqueing to mekka the bots die. We planned to gigavolt right over this boss. Hopes of a swift victory were shrunk. But in the end we did indeed ...
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