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[Pinned] How To: Discord
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[Pinned] How To: Discord

Vent rent has expired. Thanks again to Razzii, Ozmorph, Leithor, Killsons, Gajae, Edan and Deadleft who contributed to our Mumble server 😊--Vitare Discord Server - link works in a browser which directs you to our guil...
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Blizzcon thread, don't blow up the shout box.

Well Blzzcon starts in few hours and I'm sure there will be lots of juice ad exciting news, so rather than have everyone and his dog blow up the shout box I'm starting a Blizzcon gonna try and catch some z's before work but I'm looking ...
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T18 Weak Auras!!
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HEYA GUYS!!!So, Tuesday 15th September we are going to have Teppanyaki at Doncaster!!The place is Kobe Teppanyaki. Details listed below Shop 6-7, 261-265 Blackburn RdDoncaster East VIC 3109Time: 7:30pmMessage...
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top 10 idiots of WoW

i know i can name a few!!!
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Hey guys, not sure if you could help me

Heya all, my name is Sonata (not real name) and I used to raid in this guild back when it was on barthilas.I'm no longer on WoW but playing Hearthstone nowdays and would really like to reconnect with some of the old raidersAs far as I can tell thi...
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Seasons Greetings Vitare!

Well thats it guys and gals.2014 is coming to a close and what a year its been. The highs and the lows, the trials and the tribulation. Vitare still stands strong. We would like to wish every Vitarean a safe and happy xmas and new year! Enjoy your...
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[Poll] What do you think about Warlords of Draenor so far?

Hey guys,Just for shits and giggles, in comparison to MoP how do you rate Warlords of Draenor so far?I actually want to see the voting results so you can just tell me to fuck off instead of voting for it :)
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Looks like 6.0.2 will be released October 14th!

Hey guys,Blizzard has confirmed that season 15 pvp will end in 2 weeks time. Which means that 6.0.2 should be released on that same week, this means that we'll have access to mythic SoO for our Wednesday raid on the 15th of October.This will of co...
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Lap top died

Hey guys, I been trying all day but my laptop crapped out late last night. Hopefully I can just get a new battery and all will be well, either that or I'm going to need a new computer. So I can't make it tonight. I have wow installed on my mums PC...
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A Hero's Journey

So my Warrior was the 1st alt i made on this server once i moved my druid over, since then i have hit level 90, finished the pandaria storyline and smashed my way through Orgimmar and slain Garrosh Hellscream. Today i was rewarded for my deeds wit...
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I Don't know its real request or not ( Haha )I present you ... my Butlerrrrr <3Butler #1Butler #2Butler #3
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Rogue looking for a core position

hey im a 538 rogue 8/14nm looking for a core spot your raid times are perfect for me im very punctual and always on time. the fact that i dont have my legendary cloak seems to turn people off but dont worry im only a few weeks off it and i still p...
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Tuesday Kill Garrosh DO heroics next week, day.

I want to kill Garrosh, so we can get in some mad Heroic progress next week. WHO WANTS SOME?5pm st start time.
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is there any open slot for mage ?

hi hi, just want to know if there is core raider spot open for mage?
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Potential applicant

Greetings all,Just a quick query before I submit an application to determine if you require a Rogue? Most recently I was a core member with Revo, who recently disbanded (moved server/faction change). I bring lots of experience, having played predo...
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What do you do at 1 am after raid?

Vitare stacks stags!The leaning tower of Stag #SWAG
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for shaded eyes only me @ thanks shaded :)
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Not an Inactive Member any Broski

Hey can sombody chance me from an inactive member to a raider or whatever please=D
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Arr Matey!

Screw Orlith!!!
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