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#14337445 Apr 05, 2020 at 03:48 PM
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Mythic Drest'agath 02/04/2020

Bad pun compilation:

The drest of us
~Lockatmenow, 2020

Be our drest
~Branndahr, 2020

This might be met with some Void Glares, but those puns were just pure 100 Agony. Not even worth Ten Tickles. Eye don't mean to Entropic Crash on Lock and Brann's day but those guys need to get a Void Grip... Anyhow, please ignore their Mutterings of Insanity and snap back to Reality Tear, oh, there goes Falling Gore.

To all the Appendages out there: Eye hope this is a Crushing Slam to your Mind Flay, because we're having an Errant Blast! This Volatile Seed of a guild just slayed Drest'agath, only 3 Maw bosses to go!
~Addyluv, 2020

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