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#14325347 Mar 13, 2020 at 10:27 AM
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Mythic Vexiona 12/03/2020

Here's my killshot pun for your pleasure (as long as you read this with the Get Low chorus in mind):
First he grip, then he smash
Dodge it, dodge it, dodge it, make sure you dash
Disengage (get out)
Wild Charge (get out), just get right out (get out)

To the Balcony!!! To the Stairs! (to the stairs)
Vexiona breath from the airs (the airs)
These Raiders dodge by a hair (a hair)
Y'all bait bait motherflippers (motherflippers)
Y'all dodge dodge goddamn (God Damn!)

Also I have no idea why I made this lol, but ok:

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