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Mythic Dark Inquisitor Xanesh 05/03/2020

Vitare Football Club is squad goals (we are currently looking for sponsors).

This match was practically fixed with a good warm up with Coach Razzii last week and we had teammates warming the bench, cheering us on.

It was an anxious game with silence overcoming the crowd.

The first trio were nervous but the plan went smoothly. Simka focused on playing the ball wide to maximise his effectiveness, whereas Meluan applied a high-pressure form of defence and closed down on Edan. Score!


Doompaw took the ball from defence to attack with a long, lofted pass to Seckystimes in the midfield, a quick 10 yard pass to Kaasan and with a lot of power on the kick, aimed straight towards the crossbar. He's a keeper!


Georgê first in with the ball as he advanced up the field and overlapped the winger, trying to minimise any miscalculations. Onto Offhistrolly, who received a red card earlier but avoided the penalty box. He attempted to pass the ball to Swiftbúrn in the inside of the corner flag post. Was she offside? Nope, they score!


Erathi had good placement and launched that ball to Qaria, who made contact with confidence as he passed the ball to Captain Addyluv. She held her breath, closed her eyes, surged forward and kicked straight in. They're very goal-oriented.


With a few minutes left on the clock, Secksytimes took a dive with a huge Soul Flay hit. He looks hurt! ...And he's back up. The Ref had to blow the whistle on Edan who missed a kick and touched the ball with his hand. Another red card. Penalty to the opponent. Panic. There was a stoppage of play while we examined which kick was missed. A throw-in was discussed and restarting play. More panic.

Meanwhile, Xanesh had 5% HP left. We all laughed and some moments later, the whistle blows.

Ole, ole ole ole! Ole, ole!

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