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BFA hype Vitareans! To celebrate the release of Battle for Azeroth, we’ve got some awesome prizes in store for our guild members!

• The first Raider to reach 120 is rewarded with a WoW game time token! 💰

• The second Raider to reach 120 is rewarded with a foot pedal (for grand raiding possibilities) delivered right to your door. You will have to leave your computer to receive this prize.

• Be the first guildie with a @Member rank to reach 120, and you will win:
- Immortality of your character on the guild website/fb page
- Free guild repairs for a month
- A +10 keystone run by our Officers
- Choice of the guild crest/tabard design

• Be the next 3 guildies with a @Member rank to reach 120, and you will gain:
- Immortality of your character on the guild website/fb page
- Talisman of True Treasure Tracking
- A random Skyfin battle pet 😂

Please see below for T&Cs.
12 hours to go! Good luck and happy leveling!!

Terms and Conditions

Current as of 14th August 2018

At <Vitare> Frostmourne (“Vitare”, “we”, “us”, “Officers”, “I”, ”they”, “them”, “their”) your privacy is important to us. We will use the personal information you have chosen to provide to us for the purpose for which you provided it or a secondary purpose which you would reasonably expect. Vitare will not use it for any other purpose without your consent, unless permitted or required for lore.

“Raider” is Raider rank in the guild.

“WoW game time token” is gifted in the product of 30 days Game Time from the Blizzard store. This prize will be rewarded when the recipient supplies me with their bnet email address.

“Foot pedal” is commonly known as the USB bindable foot pedal used by Officers Addyluv and Razzia for their voice comms PTT and is admired by many. It’s a cheap plastic piece of equipment made in China and delivered to you via express post. This prize is arguably better than the first place prize but isn’t purely because it’s so cheap that the monetary value is much less. Once you put this to use, you’ll wonder why you never spent a measly 1 1/2 coffees buying this bad boy off eBay yourself earlier. This prize will be rewarded after the recipient supplies me with their mailing address.

“Member” refers to existing Vitare guildies that hold the rank Member in game. You must be in the guild and your level 120 toast be visible by the guild.

“Free guild repairs for a month” breaks down to 500g repairs per day for 30 days.

“A +10 keystone run by our Officers” implies a full +10 run, not necessarily a carry, by the 4 Officers and any of their characters that fit the roles of a 5 man (tank, healer, 3 dps). This will be run in accordance to their free time during week 4 or 5 of our guild’s BFA schedule and implies a whole dungeon of voice chat and guild bonding with your fave leaders (unless silence is preferred - that’s cool too). I somehow convinced the others to agree to this as a prize even though they had no idea what I was talking about and that neither of us are a Tank spec - I figure that’s future Addyluv’s problem and hopefully Eiocs or Ozmo just dings first anyway so they can Tank the dungeons themselves lmao.

“Choice of the guild crest/tabard design“ is full reign of the colour and icon of the new guild crest in-game using - this will remain unchanged for 6 months.

“Immortality of your character on the guild website/fb page” is the integration of your character’s image alongside our current Raiders and for the duration of the expansion. You see why these prizes are only valid to guildies… It defeats the purpose otherwise.

“Next 3” is second, third and fourth place of guildies with Member rank to reach level 120.

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