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Mythic Sisters of the Moon 10/08/2017

Bad pun compliation:

Q. How does Edan keep getting hit by Glaive Storm?

Eclipse it

Q. How does Pachpally feel when he survives Glaive Storm hits?

He's a stormtrooper

Q. How does Telmut survive Moon Burn?

He's a little meteor than others

Q. How did we see the full moon rise?

Hyper's pants fell down

Q. Did you know Fiction didn't cast Moonfire?

The landings were faked

Q. What stage is the moon if Ahooga is on it?

The Trial phase

Q. What happened when Gajae chained Astral Purge?

It was absolute Pandamoonium

Q. What happened when Pario got targeted by so many Twilight Glaives?

He had to sit through the whole saga

Q. What did the full moon turn the Shamans into?


Q. What did the bullimic Moon do when he was full?

Astral Purge


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