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Mythic Spellblade Aluriel 12/04/2017

Bad pun compilation:

Spellblade? More like Deadblade.
~ Fossey, 2017

Spellblade Aluriel, in the challenge, your performance was magical, but, on the runway, we were not spellbound. I'm sorry my dear, but you're up for elimination. Now, sashay ... away.
~ Pario, 2017

'Spell blade?' Could you use it in a sentence please?
~ Tsumi, 2017

You mean put that into a (death) sentence.
~ Edan, 2017

The allure of loot was too strong.
~ Razzii, 2017

The guild was slow to understand the ice phase but eventually got the point thanks to Addy's razor sharp explanation.
~ Leithor, 2017

Replicate, Detonate, Animate, Checkmate.
~ Whiskeyjack, 2017

Pity we had to give Edan the chop as a Tank to get the kill.
~ Leithor, 2017

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