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Mythic Helya

Date: Jun 05, 2017
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: Edan
Category: Alliance
Mythic Helya - to get Cutting Edge Achievement before it's removed with release of Tomb raid.

It has around the same difficulty as Mythic Botanist - research is required, please.

Restricted to Mains only, and current raid team only. (otherwise, extremely selective other people, due to the nature of difficulty of it)
Tank (3)

2. Hypèrion Druid

7. Deadleft Demon Hunter

20. Caji Shaman

Damage (17)

4. Alphâ Mage

5. Niyo Rogue

6. Addyluv Hunter

8. hemomancer Mage

10. Razzia Warlock

11. Deathpun Death Knight

12. Friskeyjack Demon Hunter

13. Pario Mage

14. Fossey Hunter

15. Mirimi Shaman

16. frogsz Death Knight

17. brahbeard Warrior

18. Gajae Priest

22. Fiction Druid

M. Krucíal Death Knight

M. Grivier Paladin

M. Spinltap Warlock

Support (5)

1. Edan Paladin

3. Laraus Priest

9. Pachpally Paladin

19. Tsumi Shaman

21. Ozmo Shaman



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